Website Troubleshooting Guide

It is recommended to update your profile via a computer rather than your mobile device. It is further recommended to use Google Chrome as your browser for the optimal performance.

go to and click on login on the menu bar

Step One


once you are logged in, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on 'update your details' in the footer section of the page

Step Two


You are now in your user profile page. You will see that the details migrated across from PVSV are very basic. Your name, registered number and email address.

Step Three


on the profile header, you will see the image of a cog or gear. Click on this cog once and select 'edit profile' from the menu

Step Four


You will see a number of fields to fill in. Whilst these are not mandatory, PVV require at minimum to send your card the following fields:
- Full address
- Rank on departure

Step Five


populate the fields with your details and press the update profile button at the bottom of the page. Sometimes you may see a red circle with a cross through it after you have pressed the update profile button. Ignore this, its your computer sending us the data.

Step Six


once you have updated your profile, you should see the fields now reflected on your profile page. Job done!

Step Seven