Website Troubleshooting Guide

It is recommended to update your profile via a computer rather than your mobile device. It is further recommended to use Google Chrome as your browser for the optimal performance.

Step 1 – go to and click on login on the menu bar

Login form Photo

Step 2 – click on ‘forgot your password

Step 3 – enter your registered email address and click reset my password

click reset my password

Step 4 – go to your email and open the password reset email from PVV. Click on ‘reset your password

Step 5 – enter your new password, confirm your password and then click ‘change your password

reset my password
Website Troubleshooting Guide

Step 6 – once you are logged in, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on ‘update your details‘ in the footer section of the page

Step 7 – You are now in your user profile page. You will see that the details migrated across from PVSV are very basic. Your name, registered number and email address.

Step 8 – on the profile header, you will see the image of a cog or gear. Click on this cog once and select ‘edit profile‘ from the menu

Step 9 – You will see a number of fields to fill in. Whilst these are not mandatory, PVV require at minimum to send your card the following fields:

– Full address

– Rank on departure

Step 10 – populate the fields with your details and press the save profile button at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes you may see a red circle with a cross through it after you have pressed the save profile button. Ignore this, its your computer sending us the data.

Step 11 – once you have updated your profile, you should see the fields now reflected on your profile page. Job done!