The 2023 Satisfaction Survey results are in

Last year we surveyed our membership to see how we could improve the PVV member experience and to gain an insight into how our services are received. This year, we repeated the survey to see how perceptions have changed. A total of 505 respondents provided feedback on how they think we’re performing. Overall satisfaction improved by 6% to 56% while dissatisfaction increased by 10% to 8.4% total respondents decreased by 50%, down from last year. Recurring themes included the following;

  • Members seeking greater support 
  •  Members seeking better support across regional Victoria and interstate.
  • Members seeking better range of discounts and benefits 
  • Members seeking financial advice and assistance/legal advice 
  • Transition into retirement help 
  • More 1:1 interaction 
  • More frequent social events 
  • Establishing a hardship fund 
  • Assistance with daily tasks from other veterans (Blue tasker concept) 
  • General dissatisfaction towards VicPol 
  • Members seeking chaplaincy/pastoral care 
  • Dedicated advocacy unit 
  • Mental health education 

There were 2,499 overall comments provided covering the range of scores – some examples are reproduced below. 

Nothing but praise. I have a mate who is in need, and he is overwhelmed by the support…just having someone drop by ..has made an unbelievable difference to his well-being.

Having a father who was a police veteran for many years it was disappointing seeing how he was just forgotten, by the organisation he served for a very long period of time and by many of his old colleagues. I think that if PVV had have been around when he was recently retired this would not have occurred. 

I like that I have the support of the organisation and that I can reach out if I need. But being in the country, I haven’t really had any contact with PVV and would like to see it take on more of a social support role. Most police on retirement or leaving miss the connection with the police “family” and PVV could help with that more. I have the ambassador card, but haven’t used it at all. I will try to take advantage of offers found in it in the future. 

No dislikes. Likes – that nothing feels forced upon the membership, for example the offering of support is genuine with no ulterior motive 

I like many others are still very angry and bitter towards Vic Pol due to the way I was treated on speaking out about being unwell and eventually being ill health retired with my PTSD and associated depression and anxiety. I know you are independent however I cannot get past the perception that you are simply another vic pol department. I know of others that think the same way so we would be somewhat reluctant to make contact.

I like to stay connected and I can see great potential.. it is a slow process and you all work very hard to get the best for veterans… some veterans can be very negative and pessimistic and that’s hard to deal with..keep going because change is needed and it’s important. 

No strong feelings one way or the other… I’m sure you’re doing the best you can with what limited resources (financial and personnel) you have so expect it to get better over time. 

I’ve noticed a few older ex members advocating for people suffering issues like anxiety, depression and PTSD, but in other public commentary, show a dismissive attitude and a real lack of empathy or compassion to the plight of others. I remain undecided


2023 satisfaction results

2022 satisfaction results

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  1. It would be great if the PVV could somehow link with the Police Association. For years I contributed to the Association, had PVV existed then I would have gladly contributed a little more to know that after I retired I could have on-going paid-up membership of PVV which would have the resources needed to be a voice and support for retired members.
    That said, I have PTSD and find it difficult to have too much contact with what I have left behind. In other words I loved my career and mates but am afraid of many of my memories.

  2. If you were a paid up member of TPA when you left they will still offer services. Just ring them!
    Des Butt
    Read. L.S.C. 16110

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