Our Speakers Bureau

The sharing of personal stories of post traumatic stress is a powerful means of raising awareness, reducing stigma and encouraging people to take action. Our Speakers are Police Veterans who volunteer their time to speak about their experience, to raise awareness of post trauma stress and anxiety.

Request a Police Veteran Speaker

If you are hosting an event – be it in-person, or virtually – and would like to request a Speaker, please click the link below. Once we receive your request, we will review and begin checking availability.

Please note: our voluntary Speakers are not staff members, facilitators or clinicians. They are Police Veterans who have a lived experience with trauma, stress and depression.

For all other enquiries in relation to requesting a Police Veteran Speaker, please email the team at contact@policeveteransvic.org.au.

Encouraging important conversations in your community by securing a Police Veteran Speaker

Police Veterans Victoria is proud to offer the services of its Speakers Bureau free of charge. However, donations or fundraising efforts are warmly welcomed to help support our work improving the lives of Police Veterans and their families affected by anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and suicide – and creating change to protect everyone’s mental health.

Please note: In completing this form you are submitting a request for a Speaker, that will be processed and actioned by our team. If you would simply like to enquire about a potential event, please email us at contact@policeveteransvic.org.au.

Would you like to become a Speaker?

Our Speakers assist Police Veterans Victoria by sharing their story to groups in the community. We receive requests from all types of groups and organisations and match them with appropriate Speakers to share their story. By doing so, our Speakers help raise awareness and reduce stigma of post traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

If you are interested, please send an email to contact@policeveteransvic.org.au with your expression of interest.