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Remembering Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Kostiuk

Today, we acknowledge and honour the anniversary of Detective Senior Sergeant Vic Kostiuk’s death. 


Vic was taking part in the Wall to Wall Ride on Friday, 14 September 2018, to remember fallen officers when a car veered across the road and struck his motorbike near Orbost. 

His son — also a detective — was riding alongside him when he was killed. 

Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the loss of Kostiuk, who served the community for almost 40 years, had “struck at the heart” of the force.

“We’ve lost one of our friends, someone who has committed forty years of his life to serving the community,” Mr Patton said.

“He’s been a detective on-and-off throughout his career but it was a very big thing for him to again get to the rank of detective and have that in front of his senior sergeant rank. 

He’s been committed in the latter stages of his career to combating family violence and he’s become somewhat of an expert in family violence and very well respected.”

Kostiuk’s family released a statement describing him as a “much loved member of Victoria Police for almost 40 years”.

“Throughout his career, Vic also worked in areas including uniform police, CIU and homicide and no matter where he was, Vic was always dedicated and passionate about his job,” the statement said.

PVV extends its deepest condolences to Vic’s family on this day. 

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  1. Luke Smeaton

    I drove past the place where we lost Vic on Sat 11 Sept; how time has passed. Remembered as a colleague always.

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