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PVV lapel pins are here!

We understand the idea of donating to a cause and receiving nothing in return can sometimes not be the most viable option.

We’d like to invite you to show your support for PVV through the purchase of a lapel pin; something to wear with pride.

The costs of the pin is $10, with the proceeds going towards the funding of VPSO training and PVV operational costs.

Donations made towards PVV are what keep us afloat.

The generosity of the public doesn’t go unnoticed at PVV; so, if you can, wear a pin and show your support for all that we stand for

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30 reviews for PVV Lapel Pin

  1. James Murnane

    Looks good

  2. James Murnane

    excellent idea

  3. Paul Aarons

    Fantastic idea. Will purchase one and wear with pride.

  4. Alan Salter

    I will wear with pride

  5. David Arndell Coleman

    Looks good – Good for moral.

  6. David Arndell Coleman

    Good for moral.


    I’m getting 2, one for me and one for my motorbike.

  8. Gregory J Keyes

    Looks great. Will purchase 2. One for my Akubra and the other for my pin board. 🙂

  9. Lindsay Hockley 18331

    Great idea. Give our spirit a lift.

  10. Mick Portoglou

    Great idea and the recognition will enhance that sense of belonging.

  11. David

    Fantastic idea.

  12. Christopher Mahon


  13. Suzanne White

    It Looks nice. Small enough to wear on a chain. Can you make some gold plated with blue stones and I can hang it around my neck. (Just joking)

  14. Stefan Rea

    Looks good. I purchased 3 of them. 1 for my blazer jacket, 1 for my cap to go with my other pins, and 1 for my collection of Vicpol related items.

  15. Greg Hardy

    Great idea.

  16. Daniel O’BRIEN

    They look great and it would be worn with absolute pride

  17. Barry Olsen

    This is about time they are looking great

  18. Gerry Lambourne

    A great idea

  19. Paul Newman

    Excellent initiative, good for morale.

  20. Garry Edgecumbe (verified owner)

    Looks good &will wear the pin with the view of convincing recently retired colleagues of signing up to Police Veterans.

  21. Denis James Green

    Good idea

  22. Denis

    Good idea

  23. Michael ingram

    As a Victoria police veteran, i will proudly wear my Lapel Pin

  24. John Clark

    A great idea, I will wear it with pride.

  25. Brian Basham

    Brian Basham (verified owner)

    Have ordered mine. Will wear with great pride.

  26. Barry Olsen

    Ihave ordered two for good reason I think it is about time.

  27. Barry Olsen

    ihave ordered two and it is about time I will wear with pride

  28. Joy Murphy

    Looking forward to getting this for myself and my brother.

  29. Barry Olsen

    it is about time I will wear with pride

  30. Nicole Oli

    Awesome idea and they look fantastic. I’ll wear this badge with pride. Thank you Dave McGOWAN and crew for organizing this.
    Maybe for future consideration to assist the fund raising for us, there could consideration given to looking at keyrings, pens, caps, stubby holders, T-Shirs etc? Just throwing it out there….

  31. Barry Olsen

    they look great also great ID for other folks

  32. Barry Olsen

    good look not before time also great for recognition

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