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Neil Dupuy: getting rightful recognition, in due course 

Neil Dupuy was told he was ineligible for the National Police Service Medal despite years of eligible service. It’s a good thing Neil is persistent. 

After being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an incurable condition of the spine, Neil Dupuy made the difficult decision to ill-health retire after 16 years of service. 

Come 2016, Neil applied for the National Police Service Medal (NPSM). In December of the same year, Neil received a letter from Assistant Commissioner Debra Abbott, stating he was ineligible. 

The NPSM eligibility requires a minimum of 15 years of service. If Neil’s period of service as a Police Cadet was taken into account at the time, he would have served a period of 16 years and 10 months. 

Without Neil’s cadet service counted, Neil’s service weighed in at 14 years and 7 months, retiring at the direction of the Government Medical Officer; 3 months short of the required 15 years.

“I felt disappointed by this decision and have pondered this for some years,” Neil said. 

 “I have been told for some years since receiving the letter from Assistant Commissioner Abbott that I was discriminated against because of my ill health.”

“Cadet service should be counted,” he said. 

It was only after Neil contacted David McGowan, CEO of Police Veterans Victoria, that his luck started to change. Advocating on Neils behalf, Mcgowan had the decision appealed; meaning Neil would receive his medal after all. 

“Thank you Police Veterans Victoria,” Neil said. 

“As a result of Dave’s advocacy, I’ll be receiving my medal in due course.”

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  1. John Stubbs
    John Stubbs

    Congratulations to Neil on well deserved recognition after all this time. Bureaucracy works in mysterious ways sometimes.
    Well done Dave McGowan for helping Neil, veterans sometimes just find the system too hard to navigate and your help probably gave him great satisfaction.

  2. Travis Johnson

    Well done Neil, persisting pays off and I also have found many inconsistencies in Victoria Police internal policies and procedures, depending on who you get and their interpretations.

  3. James Read
    James Read

    Well done, Team PVV. I have passed information on to some other retired members who served the qualifying period to contact PVV for assistance. Your a very worthy recipient mate.

  4. David Axup

    Well deserved Neil. Glad PVV and your persistence paid off.

  5. Andy Kidd

    From an Old D.24 Colleague Neil many congrats might even put in for this myself. Thanks to David Roy Axup the Sergeant at Oakleigh for a solid grounding in Policing despite the “No green card “directives. Cheers .

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