Leigh’s Ride for a Wheely Good Cause

Former Olympian and Detective Leading Senior Constable Leigh Miller of the MCIU is riding for a wheely good cause.
After joining the Victoria Police in 2008, Leigh was given the chance to use his Olympian-level athleticism to chase crooks rather than medals, and has since made a name for himself as one of Victoria Police’s finest – and fastest – members.
Now, Leigh is taking on the challenge of completing a single ride on a single hill and climbing the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest (8848 metres)…all in one day.
It will take Leigh a gruelling 12 – 14 hours to complete, starting from 3am, riding up the climb and back down 80 laps of 3.5km, for a total of 285km amongst the Dandenongs: Kallista – The Patch Road. Leigh will ride on the 12th of March (weather dependant).
Leigh’s incredible feat is all in support of Police Veterans Victoria. We are the only organisation with a dedicated focus on improving mental health amongst Victoria Police Veterans and their families; something Leigh is wholeheartedly passionate about.
We hope to raise $5000 through Leigh’s ride, which will help PVV continue to expand its services and reach more police veterans in need.
If you’d like to support our cause, please consider getting behind Leigh and sponsoring his ride. He’s doing the hard part, and while not many could ride that far, everyone can sponsor him and contribute to the growth of PVV.
Will you help Leigh, help veterans?
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