Get Support

There are a number of options available to you and your family through Police Veterans.

Primary Support


Bec Lynch, Social Worker

Bec Lynch is PVV’s resident Social Worker with more than 17 years experience in managing front line mental health issues predominantly involving serving and veteran police. Her responsibilities include managing the Veteran Peer Support program as well as providing specific clinical advice and support. Bec does not provide a 24 hour service and generally works 9am-5pm weekdays.

“Making that initial phone call can be overwhelming, however I can assure Veterans that their concerns will be taken seriously, confidentially and with compassion.” -Bec Lynch

“There is so much value in a phone call, a text message, a positive thought. Bec has done all of those things. I suspect that Bec does those things not just because that’s her job but because that’s the type of person she is.” – veteran’s testimonial

P: 0436 854 858


Wellbeing Services


This service is a 24/7 service provided by Victoria Police and is available to veterans and their family members – the services include the Police Psychology Unit and Police Chaplaincy. 

P: 1300 090 995


The Employee Assistance Program is extended to police veterans and their partners. it is an independent and confidential counselling service.

You can contact either of the  EAP services directly, 24/7:

LifeWorks; Call 1300 361 008
Acacia EAP;  Call 1300 364 273

Secondary support

There are secondary support options also available to you if you’re not comfortable with primary support.