You can help make a difference

There are many ways you can support the work of Police Veterans Victoria; from providing peer support, to fundraising, to raising awareness of the cause, connecting veterans and their families or providing news stories to share.

Become a Veteran Peer Support Officer



VPSOs are Victoria Police Veterans who provide support to other police veterans and their families who may be dealing with personal issues, need to talk, or are seeking someone to confide in. They are all committed volunteers who care and are there to help.

This is achieved by having one-on-one conversations with veterans, actively listening and assessing their situation and providing non-clinical advice where appropriate.

Email your completed application to

A successful VPSO will have

  • People skills - active listening, connecting with others, ability to read a situation, empathy
  • Character and attitude - trustworthy, resilient, reliable, open-minded, genuine, adaptable, patient, caring, compassionate, non-discriminatory, respectful, positive
  • Was employed by Victoria Police (mandatory)
  • Has helped guide others through difficult times (desirable)
  • Has volunteered in another organization before (desirable)

Benefits of becoming a VPSO

  • Ability to make a real difference to the lives of Victoria Police veterans and their families.
  • Entrance into a network of like-minded individuals who want the best for the community.
  • Training, supervision and guidance from mental health care professionals.
  • Opportunity to learn about yourself and others, as well as reflect on your time at Victoria Police.
  • Greater fulfilment and a sense of purpose, which is linked to improved happiness and health.

Peer support isn't for everyone

However, it’s not the only way you can support the Police Veterans cause and find fulfillment in other volunteer organisations and/or roles. The opportunities are infinite...


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Community Opportunities

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