Greyhound Adoption Program

A joint initiative by

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) is the most well known of GRV’s initiatives aimed at finding loving family homes for greyhounds who have retired from the racetrack.

PVV’s partnership with GAP helps police veterans who are feeling a loss of purpose to reconnect with the community and to bond with the adorable greyhound breed; whether that’s through adoption, fostering or rewarding volunteer work.

Adopt a greyhound

Hear from a police veteran on the joys of greyhound adoption

Police veteran Michelle Fisher, who also happens to be a veteran greyhound adopter and fosterer, spoke about the advantages of having a grey in the home…

Do you currently have any greyhounds in your life?

Yes, I do! Three years ago we adopted our fifty-second foster dog, Rou. We had not intended to adopt but she stole our hearts. She is now 12 and a half years old and much loved by all the family. We are currently fostering a five-year-old GAP dog, Bluey. He is adorable.

Why do you think greyhounds are a good match for police veterans?

A lot of veterans I know need a dog that will just be beside them. Sometimes we crave company without conversation, and sometimes we want to be alone, but not lonely. A greyhound fills that need. I think after my retirement it could have been easy to become reclusive. Having a greyhound made me get out of the house at least once a day to walk. It also gave me something to think about other than myself and have something to take care of.

Over $1,500 value!

What do PVV members recieve through the program?

Police veterans will be given immediate priority to be matched with retired greyhounds as companion pets at no cost.

All PVV applications are handled individually by one of the knowledgeable and dedicated GAP staff who will assist you throughout the process, working with you to identify a suitable greyhound.

At the point of adoption PVV adopters will receive FREE:

Collar, lead and
winter jacket

40kg of Royal
Canin E4800

$50 PetStock gift

Three weeks'
subsidised boarding
@ $33/day

Subsidised dental
check-up and clean to value of $400

Lifetime support
and NO adoption fee

What if I don't want to adopt?

Not looking to adopt, but still want to get involved?

Foster care

It can be a very daunting time for a Greyhound when they first enter
retirement life and many of the dogs which come into GAP’s care need some
extra help in a home environment before they’re ready for their fur-ever

This is where GAP’s Foster Care team come in! GAP have a dedicated group of
volunteers all over the state who regularly foster a greyhound in their home for
a few weeks, helping to Fill the GAP between racing and pet life.

Greyhound enrichment

Want a volunteer role where you get to cuddle adorable greyhounds all day?!

GAP’s Greyhound Enrichment Volunteers work at both their facilities in Seymour and Tullamarine, providing vital socialisation and enrichment
activities for greyhounds housed in their kennels whilst they wait to be adopted.

Activities undertaken are many and varied, including walking, grooming, and of course, cuddling gorgeous greyhounds. 

These activities help improve the well-being of the greyhounds while in
kennels. The activities help reduce stress, assists with problem solving skills
and of course are lots of fun for the greyhounds and you!

Ready to get started?

Ready to meet your paw-fect match?

Get in touch with the friendly team at GAP to register for an
information session.

Dates and times for upcoming information sessions for PVV
members will be provided as soon as possible.

Email the GAP Volunteers at

“Just give fostering a go. If it doesn’t suit you, and you only ever foster one dog, you have made a difference.”

-Michelle Fisher