Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you change your name?
We found there was a great deal of confusion with the initialism PVSV as it was often misspelt and confused with other names like PTSD and VPSO. The new name is more dynamic,  with Police Veterans being the dominant name and Victoria being the location.
What does Police Veterans Victoria do?
PVV is the only organisation with a dedicated focus on improving mental health and wellbeing amongst Victoria Police veterans and their families and our peer support program is unique because it operates beyond the workplace environment. Our  Vision is to ensure all Victoria Police veterans and their families receive holistic support services appropriate to their needs ‘well’ beyond their service. Our purpose is to improve the mental health and well-being of all police veterans and their families
How are you regulated?
The Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) is the federal regulator for all registered charities. Board members must be registered as Responsible persons and we are required to submit annual reports. For more information visit
What are the rules and how can I read them?
PVV is governed by the Rules of Association which were approved by our membership at the 2021 AGM. These are available on our website and on the ACNC’s website.
Who runs PVV?
Our organisation is over sighted by a Board of directors and managed by an Executive Officer who reports to the Board. More information on our Board is set out on the website.
Do you have a strategic plan or direction?
PVV has a 3 year strategic plan which was approved by the Board. This is available on the website and is based on our band pillars of CARE; Connectivity: Create a sense of community amongst police veterans Authenticity: Drive research to build evidence base practice to encourage partnerships Respect: Continue to widely consult with police veterans and families and advocate for support Empathy: Raise awareness and understanding of the issues impacting on veterans in the community
Who can join PVV?
Any sworn member of the Victoria Police including PSOs can join us as a Veteran. We also encourage Associates to join for the purpose of accessing the benefits card and other information on PVV Associates include family members, legatees, PVV employees and Board members. We are agnostic when it comes to your length of service or how you left Victoria Police. If you served one day, you are eligible to apply.
Does it cost money to join?
No, there is no cost to be a member of PVV.
What benefits do I get from joining PVV?
By joining PVV you become part of a community of Police veterans with a common purpose, similar interests and camaraderie.
How long does it take to get my application approved?
We have to verify your service with Victoria Police prior to approving your membership.  We aim to provide Victoria Police with the validation data each Friday. Once your service is validated by Victoria Police, then we can approve you in the system. We are grateful to Victoria Police for their assistance in validating members, but at the same time, we are cognisant that their core functions must come first.
Is there still a membership card?
Yes, we have partnered with BankVic to develop a new membership card which will include your name, rank and number – it will also include your designations if relevant (Detective, Leading, First) Your details. Can be updated via the Update your details link – we will let you know when that’s available. We expect the cards will be in production in late July.
Are you on social media?
Yes, you can follow us, like us or retweet as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
What happened to the previous benefit card?
The original veteran benefit card was well intentioned but unsustainable. The benefits on offer were limited and inconsistent in terms of some businesses accepting the agreement. We simply did not have the resources, or capability to build out a program that offered any meaningful benefit. To put this into context the defence veterans have a benefits card program that is restricted to defence personnel only and is funded by the Federal government at a cost of $2.2mil annually. We could not join that program nor fund anything like it.
How does the benefit card program work?
Once you have paid for your subscription you will be directed to the ‘police veterans benefit card’ website – there you will be taken to the member benefits portal  – once logged in, there are multiple ways to find benefits. You can search by Keyword, Category, State or Region by using the search bar.   To access your Membership Dashboard click on the down arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the home page and you will be able to see the following: My Favourites Order History My Membership Card   Click on the down arrow next to your name (your member dashboard) on the home page and then select “My Membership Card” to display your Benefits Card.   To add an offer to your favourites, click the “Heart” icon, located on the offer page – once you have added offers to your favourites, they will be visible in the “My Favourites” section, at the bottom of your member dashboard. To view your order history click on the down arrow next to your name (your member dashboard) on the home page and then select “Order History”. All e-Gift cards & e-Movie vouchers will be displayed in your online wallet. You can manage all of your vouchers via the online wallet with a link to the online voucher. Once you have used the products, you can mark it as used to help you track the products in your online wallet.  Each Benefit will detail how it is redeemed. The most common methods are: Pre-Purchase of e-Gift Cards, Gift Cards or e-Movie Vouchers – these are redeemed at the point of sale. Show & Save with your digital Benefits Card Promo code direct with retailer Clicking weblinks and going to retailer websites If you have any issues call the Ambassador Card customer services team on 1300 724 477 or email  
Where do I see the full list of businesses that offer discounts?
These are available on the benefits card website page website and include most retailers across Australia – there are too many to list here so you will need to subscribe to get access
Does the Benefit card ‘provide access to businesses’ in States, other than Victoria?
Discounts are provided by national brand business and are not limited to Victoria.
What if I don’t want the benefits card?
Purchasing the Police Veterans Benefits card is entirely optional.  
Will PVV still offer other benefits on our website?
Yes, we will continue to post other benefits as those opportunities are identified.
Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, PVV is a registered charity and donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. 
What do you do with the funds that are raised?
ll funds are used to support our veterans either directly or indirectly . The aim of the H2H walk was to professionalise a volunteer group which costs money to pay for our operational costs.
Does the Government support PVV?
Neither the State nor Federal Governments provide any form of support to us – we continue to advocate to change this, arguing that police veterans deserve the same level of support that is provided to defence veterans. 
Does Victoria Police support PVV?
Victoria Police are a key supporter and close partner. They fund our dedicated Program Coordinator & Clinical Adviser role, office accommodation and meeting rooms at the VPC as well as access to all of their support services . We work closely with Wellbeing Services in support our veteran community.  (We estimate the financial benefit is more than $200K per year).
Does The Police Association support PVV?
TPAV was a key supporter of the H2H walk in 2018 which was used to establish our organisation, but they do not provide any ongoing financial support and do not see that as their responsibility.  
So how are you funded?
We rely entirely on the generosity of our members and the public, through payroll subscriptions from serving police to individual and corporate donations. 
What is your connection to Police Legacy and the Blue Ribbon Foundation?
These are different organisations with different objectives. There is a misconception in the public eye that we are as one. The reality is we are all competing for the same public support.
How do I login?
Search for–  go to login and use your email address to login. 
Why does ‘PVSV’ still come up on internet searches?
Generally a search for police veterans in google will bring up PVSV because of the internet search history – if you try to access this link you will be redirected to the new website.
What is the relationship between PVV and the Retired Police Association?
The RPA and PVV are entirely separate entities and operate independently of each other.