Counting the Cost

Written by Belinda Morrison LSC, 34096. 

“Policing – its a tough job, but it’s a privilege as well

To see the best and worst of man, the highest highs and lowest hells.

We all remember grad day, when we promised that we’d serve

To be brave, bold and courageous, to be strong and hold your nerve.

As years pass, we carry demons. Those jobs we can’t forget;

A dead child, a bushfire, an accident—they stay with us and yet

We carry on and do our jobs the best way we know how,

Don’t talk about the demons, It makes you weak somehow.

Some of us are lucky, We make it through okay
Others aren’t so fortunate and can’t face another day

In the end we’re human and we need someone to care
To pat us on the shoulder and remind us someone’s there

In the job, we stand together; but after that, we stand apart
I’ve heard a phrase that’s often said that truly breaks my heart

There’s nothing more ex than an ex member—how sad if that is true!
For one day that will true about me, and it will be true about you too.

So can’t we make a promise? Like we did back in the day,
To be bold and courageous and not turn the other way.

To care for those who’ve gone before, who are no longer in your crew
And remind them that they matter more than the job they had to do.”

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  1. I found help from TPA. They looked after me as I was a paid up member when I left in 2009. In 2018 memories got the better of me.
    There is help out there.

  2. With a wonderful friend in the force, we know how true these words are. Talk with those that love you and LET THEM HELP………….PLEASE!!!

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