Career Transition Program

PVV has partnered with Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) to develop a career transition program for members leaving Victoria Police.

Similar to the Veteran Peer Support Program, we utilise the lived experiences of police veterans who have undergone a coaching course to help you prepare for life well beyond policing.

We know that many people suffer from a loss of purpose and loss of community after leaving the job. Our program can help you prepare for that transition.

Well Beyond is a pioneering and best practice program of work designed to address a gap in support for police members as they transition from their agencies to retirement. It takes an evidence informed approach to support the unique needs of this cohort so they can flourish in retirement.

Financial preparedness has been the primary focus of retirement, whereas transitioning out of a career in the emergency services is a complex and potentially disruptive experience in a range of social and psychological dimensions.

Well Beyond takes a holistic approach to support retirement preparation by supporting workers with a range of wellbeing issues that can emerge after they leave service as a result of accumulated trauma and the loss of camaraderie, identity and purpose.

Coaching Topics

Career Transition Framework

Career transition is a component of the ‘Well Beyond’ program designed specifically for police and emergency service workers.

While most focus on their financial preparedness there are other components that are just as important but are rarely addressed before leaving. These include cumulative trauma, social connection and purposefulness.

Ready for a change?

Check out the PVV Jobs Board for all the latest job vacancies, hand-picked by PVV! Jobs are added frequently and range from full-time, to part-time and casual work, to rewarding volunteer work.

Our Get Involved page hosts a number of exciting volunteer opportunities you might be interested in.  


I feel I have found a volunteer job which I can truly embrace and promote. I am excited, motivated and empowered. I look forward to coaching a lot in the future.


A great program which helps to understand that retirement is something to embrace not be frightened of. I wish it had been in place for me.


The standard of training was excellent in its conciseness, expertise and clarity. It translated easily into practice.


I wish the program had been available to me when I was approaching retirement. My feelings were like a coin – on one side, I was excited by the prospect of retirement. The other side of the coin terrified me – I am about to retire! What am I going to do? The course gave me the tools and confidence to be a coach.


Ready to take your next step?

This program is intended for serving members considering retirement of resignation from Victoria Police within the next 6 -12 months and is provided free of charge It is provided as part of PVV’s ‘Next Step’ strategy.

The coachee and coach are matched and agree to have four sessions covering each topic – face to face is preferred but can be online.

If you are interested in receiving some coaching from a trained veteran send us an email to,.au, include your contact details and let us know where you live – we’ll take if from there.