PVV appoints Libby Murphy to the PVV Board

Happy International Women’s Day!
We’d like to acknowledge and celebrate women everywhere today; especially the wonderful women who make up PVV including police veterans, current serving police, staff and volunteers.
Today we’re also casting our attention to a woman in particular who PVV is very lucky to now have on board.
Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Libby Murphy has been appointed to the PVV Board as the CCP’s representative, in an exciting new venture for our organisation.
Libby has had a diverse career during her 34 years in the public sector (32 years at Victoria Police and two years at Ambulance Victoria).
She has had roles as an investigator, supervisor and manager across rural and metropolitan areas. She has worked across Victoria Police in areas including Criminal Investigation Units, Crime Squads, anti-corruption task forces, uniform and specialist areas.
She has a strong background in emergency management and operational policing along with a strong focus on project management and policy development.
As a superintendent Libby was responsible for the implementation of family violence units across Victoria Police and the development of the operating model for police with a strong victim-centric focus.
As the Commander of the Southern Metropolitan Region Libby was responsible for the service delivery to the Victorian community focusing on improved tasking and coordination practices and a strong focus on crime reduction.
In 2019 Libby was promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing Command. She is passionate about reducing lives lost and serious injuries on the roads and supporting her people.
From 2021 to 2023 Libby undertook the role of Chief Operations Officer and acting Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance Victoria.
Libby has returned to Victoria Police as the Assistant Commissioner of Relieving and Special References.
Welcome to PVV, Libby!
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