The PVV Canines & Coffee Walk 2024

It’s often said that every dog has its day; and these dogs might’ve had the best one of their lives!

Early on Sunday, the 3rd of March, we loaded up a caravan donated to us by PVV’s man-of-all-work and police veteran Murray King, and set out to the Port Melbourne Dog Beach.

Having prepared ourselves for a number of months before the day, with everyone’s hands on deck to make the day a success, we felt about as ready as we could be; but had no idea what to expect.

We had no idea we were walking into an event that would become one of our most successful yet.

It took a village to make the PVV Canines and Coffee Walk what it was, with help coming from every angle; including the PVV Corporate Advisory Committee, the PVV Board, our staff and volunteers. Support came from absolutely everywhere, even a few unexpected places, and it made for a truly fantastic day.

Come 8am, we had members of the public curiously lining up outside the van waiting for their coffees; some knew of our cause, and others didn’t. As the day went on, our van by the beach was packed with happy guests, even happier dogs, and an obscene amount of dog treats, toys and goodies.

Our friends and partners at the Greyhound Adoption Program were there too – greyhounds in tow – ready to share their knowledge and love for their pets.

There was never a moment that wasn’t filled with laughter, smiles, understanding and generosity. We were blown away by the support we received from everyone who was there.

As for our round of thanks….

We’d firstly like to say an enormous thankyou to the team at Bunnings, who came on board to sponsor the event. The support from the Bunnings team we received meant we can continue bringing Canines & Coffee to regions all across the state, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

We’d like to thank the teams at AMES Australasia and Mayo Hardware for their very generous donations of treats, toys and shampoos for the day. What these teams provided made the day truly special and put a smile on everyone’s faces – especially the dogs!

To the PVV volunteers and staff who came out on the day to offer their help wherever they could (including the very talented Martin Ford, who is now our unofficial barista), we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. We’re very lucky to have such a solid group of people around us.

To the team at 3 Zeros Coffee, Andrew and Beau, we give our sincere appreciation. What you did for us on the day and in the many months leading up to it made what could have been just a good event, a great one.

And, finally, to those who came and made the Canines & Coffee Walk what it was, we say thankyou. You reminded us why we love to do what we do.

For now, stay tuned and on the lookout for our next Canines & Coffee Walk – it’ll be better than ever! If you run a business and you would like to get involved with our next event, email Carla at

See the full photo album here:

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