Free yoga classes for police veterans

My name is Elise DOUGLAS.  I am a serving member of Victoria Police with 18 years service.

I am also a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher along with my best friend, Hayley ROWLEY. Hayley is a police veteran with 15 years’ service before she retired.  

We deliver twice weekly yoga classes to current and veteran First Responders.

Hayley has been delivering trauma informed yoga classes in Frankston for current and former first responders since August 2023.  These classes have been free for first responders to attend, and require no previous experience with yoga.

In 2024, Hayley’s classes will continue every Wednesday morning at 10am at Frankston Yacht Club.

I will be delivering Yoga classes at the Brighton Beach Bowls Club every Thursday morning at 09.30am.  

These classes are sponsored by the 000 Foundation and will run for 42 weeks in 2024.

I have attached a flyer with further information about these classes, including information about how to book in.  We deliver these classes as Frontline Wellness, further information about our Yoga classes can be found at Frontline Wellness l First Responder Yoga

Our aim is to make yoga available to as many current and veteran first responders as possible, as a free of charge wellness option, should folks choose to consider yoga as an addition to their toolkit.

We are hopeful our classes align with Welfare and Wellness programs supported by Police Veterans Victoria.

We would be grateful if you would consider sharing this information with your members or in any way Police Veterans Victoria considers appropriate.  We would love for the veteran first responder community to know there are free yoga classes running in the bayside Suburbs of Melbourne that are designed and delivered by fellow First Responders.

We would also be humbled if information about our yoga classes can be shared with the Peer Support network and any other wellbeing representatives within Police Veterans Victoria.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this offering in more detail. 

Many thanks in advance for your time and consideration. 

Warm Regards,


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