Pedalling towards hope: a good-news veteran story

To start the week on a high note, we’d like to share a good news story we had recently. 

It was brought to our attention not long ago that one of our veterans was doing it particularly tough, gripped by financial hardship and social isolation. It wasn’t long before a PVV Veteran Peer Support Officer (VPSO) stepped in to provide the support and empathy this veteran so clearly needed, after a friend of theirs had reached out to us with their concerns.

We spoke to this police veteran’s friend just recently, who mentioned that “apart from lending a sympathetic ear [he] was at a loss as to how [redacted] could be assisted moving forward”. 

“I need not have been so concerned because Police Veterans Victoria stepped up with a response for him that well exceeded my highest expectations.

I was extremely impressed, as was [redacted], with the assistance that was provided to him by PVV despite him not being a police officer for a considerable period of time,” he said. 

We were also made aware that this veteran’s primary mode of transport was a bicycle and, to our dismay, we learned this bicycle had recently been stolen. It was a particularly disappointing thing to have heard, especially so close to the festive period. 

One VPSO and one new bicycle provided by PVV later, we learned our veteran was “particularly grateful for the intervention of PVV volunteer” and actively making plans for their future; something he previously hadn’t done for a long time. 

“He seems to be in a much better place than was the case just a short time ago thanks to the assistance provided by PVV,” [redacted]’s friend said. 

“I want to thank PVV for an outstanding commitment to the well being of a former member.” 

If you’re in need of support, we’re here to listen. Get support here:

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