The adventure of a lifetime awaits

Does the PVV Kokoda Trek sound like your next step?

This is a brand-new joint venture brought to you by PVV, Kokoda Courage and ESPA.

PVV is offering 6 sponsored spots in the trek of a lifetime!

Are you ready to represent the police veteran community and follow in the footsteps of our fallen soldiers?

What sort of people are we looking for? 

  • Police veterans
  • Family members of police veterans
  • A diverse crowd – both male and female participants, younger and older
  • Veterans willing to share their stories along the way – we want to hear them!

What is the cost of the trek? 

For sponsored participants, the trek is free of charge (all-inclusive).
Should you not receive a sponsored place in the trek, you’re welcome to come along and pay your own way.

What’s involved?

  • 10 days / 9 nights including travel time.
  • 8 days / 7 nights on the track.
  • Hiking 96km of beautiful tropical rainforest – although it is steep and arduous terrain.
  • The hiking distance ranges from 12-19 km per day.
  • The track consists of mud, rocks, tree roots and is sometimes flat.
  • You can carry your own pack (approx. 14kg) or hire a porter to carry it for you, which is recommended

The PVV Kokoda Trek 2024 Information Pack

Kokoda Information Pack

So, are you ready to take your next step?

Get in touch with us and let us know your age, current status (veteran, currently serving or civilian) and your reason for wanting to join the trek, and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. Good morning,
    I am very interested in the Kokoda Treck in 2024 and congratulate all involved in getting such an incredible initiative up and running.
    I am 61 years old and retired from Vic Pol in 2021 after 30 years service. I was fortunate enough to leave on my own accord even though i was presented to the PMO for ill health and decided to leave on my terms. .
    I spent many years working at ES&W and enjoyed supporting members and their families during troubled and emotional times.
    I also worked at Police Media Unit ,Transit Safety and Police Recruiting and have some amazing stories and observations id be more than happy to share along the way.
    I have 4 children aged from 27 to 9 and would love them to see me complete such a wonderful and fitting experience such as the Kokoda Treck before it gets beyond my capabilities.
    If i am not successful in my application then I understand that there are more deserving and better choices than myself .


    Adrian Keltie
    VP 29279

  2. Hi, I’m very interested in applying for this adventure. I retired in 2011 after almost 30 years service. I volunteer at my local RSL Sub branch working in the museum and have learned much about the experiences of our returned servicemen Our accredited museum is named “Running Rabbits Military Museum” after a description by a US General of the Kokoda Campaign, so I’ve gained some knowledge of the campaign and those who served. Post retirement from Vic Pol I worked ad a bus driver and a tram driver untill my retirement in 2019. I enjoy walking, hiking & outdoor activities. I would welcome the opportunity to walk the Kokoda Track and walk in the footsteps of those who served and protected us.

    Steven Robinson 23334 Retired

  3. Good morning,
    I am interested in the Kokoda Trek next year in 2024. It has been a strong desire of mine for many years. Since retiring from VicPol, I have taken up hiking with some enthusiasm (mainly in Hong Kong), including an Oxfam (100 km).

    I am 71 years old and retired from Vic Pol in 2013 after 44 years of service. I am in good health and continue to retain my fitness. Since retirement, I have continued to work in consulting and travelling.

    My motivation is drawn from my father, who served in New Guinea during the 2nd World War and spoke of his service (sparingly), but it gave me an insight into the hardship, mateship and challenges of the environment.

    This is a great initiative, and I am keen to follow through with those who have expertise.

    Thank you.

  4. Sign me up. Having overcome PTSD as a result of being stabbed in duty, multiple spine operations and now running marathons I have a story to share of determination and overcoming the odds. I also completed the trek this year and can guide and coach new visitors through the whole experience

  5. I would love to undertake this experience as it has been a long term goal for me. I had planned to do this trek with my brother a Vietnam veteran, to follow in the footsteps of my father in WW11, but unfortunately, my brother developed a service related cancer so the project was cancelled. As the president of my local RSL and both a police and military veteran to be able to undertake this journey with other police veterans would be an absolute honour.

  6. I Would love the opportunity. I am married to an Army Veteran who served overseas in the Somalia conflict, and he is now TPI with PTSD and many other conditions. He lost his lower leg just over twelve months ago due to negligence and has not yet got a prosthetic due to complications. I am a Police Veteran 55 years old. My son has just graduated from the Academy in September – he is third generation member. I would love the opportunity to take part and honor my husband and other family members that were lost in the great wars and to enjoy the comradery that this Challege would surely build.
    Maree STOW 26965 (Ret)

  7. I am also interested, i left Vicpol after 34 year service, on my own terms and still relatively sane, however some may debate that. I am ex military and my Uncle served in Ww2 on the Kokoda Trail. I have always considered this trip, as I spoke to many veterans who have completed it and have said it was a worthwhile experience.

  8. Hi all
    How good would this be.
    I guess trekking will between May – October (Dry season) {? mark, & chuckle added}
    Police Veteran, 44 years retired 2018, & a card carrying DVA Veteran, reserve army & secondment to the APF (2yrs) Solomons Islands.
    Kept my vaccinations current for the tropics.
    Dad served in PNG, RAN WWII on Westralia (Armed Merchant Cruiser & Assault Ship Landing).
    69YO and could write a similar blurb as Kevin Scott.
    Participated – Emergency Services Foundation & PVV – Transition to Retirement Support officer introduction.
    March Anzac Day since 2012 with UNOPAA & POSA.
    Previous – Secretary & Sub-Editor IPA (Victorian Region)
    The trek will be the highlight article for interest of present and past members, not only Victoria also other police jurisdictions across the country.
    Please include me as an interested veteran.
    If scheduled mid Sept to mid Oct not available.

    Good luck to all who are interested.

  9. Hi all
    How good would this be.
    I guess trekking will between May – October (Dry season) {? mark, & chuckle added}
    Police Veteran, 44 years retired 2018, & a card carrying DVA Veteran, reserve army & secondment to the APF (2yrs) Solomons Islands.
    Kept my vaccinations current for the tropics.
    Dad served in PNG, RAN WWII on Westralia (Armed Merchant Cruiser & Assault Ship Landing).
    69YO and could write a similar blurb as Kevin Scott.
    Participated – Emergency Services Foundation & PVV – Transition to Retirement Support officer introduction.
    March Anzac Day since 2012 with UNOPAA & POSA.
    Previous – Secretary & Sub-Editor IPA (Victorian Region)
    The trek will be the highlight article for interest of present and past members, not only Victoria also other police jurisdictions across the country.
    Please include me as an interested veteran.
    If scheduled mid Sept to mid Oct not available.

    Good luck to all who are interested.


  10. I would love the opportunity to be involved, it has been a dream of mine to do the Kokoda. I am 57 years old retired from VicPol. I have completed the 900km Camino de Santiago trek for my 50th birthday with my son back in 2016, it changed me in a good way and I know Kokoda would do the same. To walk where our forefathers did during most difficult times would be an experience of a lifetime. I am at a point in my life where I am questioning my purpose, this would be an oppurtunity to to experience somthing with like minded people and give me a sense of purpose.

  11. I retired ill health from VP in July this year after 23.5 years, receiving a Valour Award from my role in a terrorism incident in 2014. I enjoy long distance walking for my own physical/mental health having completed the 430km Pennine Way in UK in September this year. I believe the walk & camaraderie will be life changing for me, and i can assist & engage with all participants in a positive way.

  12. I am a Vicpol Veteran, retired In October, 2017 & served for 41.5 years, 36 years in Crime Command. I am very interested & would love the opportunity to go on this trek & I have always wanted to do it ever since I heard that VFL/AFL legend Ron Barassi did it in his 70’s. (I’m also a lifelong Dees supporter) My father served in this area of PNG as an Army medic during WW11 & it is an area I have always wanted to visit & pay homage to him & our military veterans. I’m 71, pretty fit & healthy with no ongoing medical problems & I am fully Covid vaccinated x 5. I have no dietary requirements, I walk between 10-15 klms a day, 4 x times a week with a local Surf Coast walking group & I swim & surf regularly. I have also done a lot of full day bush walking locally. It is very important that elders keep themselves fit & healthy & socially connected & I do a lot of mixed group travel, overseas & locally each year. I am available any time of the year & ask that I be considered for this trek. Thankyou.

  13. I retired from Vicpol in 1997 after 26 years of both uniform and CIB duties. I am 69 and maintain a high level of fitness through regularly walking/ jogging. I love the bush and have done quite a bit of bush walking over the years.

    I lost my 38yr old Son Jarrod to cancer earlier this year and would love to do this trek in his honor with my youngest Son Reece who is a builder and 33 years of age.

    I know and have worked with several of the retired members who have expressed an interest in this trek.

    I would love the opportunity of tackling this trek with old mates and sharing our work/life experiences around a camp fire at the end of each day.

    John Nicoll
    Retired Inspector 17500

  14. I am a Vicpol veteran who was retired in 2017 due to PTSD after 30 years and am currently 59 years old. I served in many positions the two longest were 9 years at MCIU and 9 years as a Uniform Sergeant. I am very interested in going on the Kokoda trek as I have read at least two books regarding it and I feel so sorry for all the people who lost their lives in that period and I would love to participate to pay a tribute to them. Also I am very Jealous of some Vicpol members from Flemington in the late 80’s that went on a Kokoda trip and unfortunately none of us at Moonee Ponds were allowed to go with them. I would also appreciate being with other retired members so we could all have good and friendly discussions, about our past and current experiences, it would also help me stay more healthy and learn again about hiking, so I can tour Australia’s mountains in the future. I would really appreciate it if you choose me and will do whatever you need me to do, thank you.

  15. I am a 61 year old retired Victoria Police member. My service included stints at Fitzroy uniform, BCI surveillance, Flemington CIB, Major Crime Squad and St Kilda uniform.
    I have always wanted to trek Kokoda as my uncle was killed by the Japanese in New Guinea, and my grandfather was captured in Timor and was a POW for four years. He was held for a time in Changi Prison, Singapore.
    I retired with some PTSD but am fit and healthy.
    I have four children whom I have encouraged to read Australia’s wartime history and visit various places in the world that are significant to that history. They would gain further inspiration from the experience of their father completing the Kokoda Track.
    My wife is a former member of the Australian Defence Force.
    Cameron Duncan
    Ret SGT 22632

  16. Hi all
    I feel like an idiot but here goes. I was medically retired a few months ago aged 54 years, still physically fit.Over 20 years policing, with service in 3 police forces including overseas deployments to Solomon Islands and Timor Leste. Prior ADF service and post NSCA SAR. I have had a number of stints in Ward17 and ongoing outpatients, this would be a way to hopefully assist in healing and helping others along the way.

  17. Hi – I would like to express my interest to participate in The PVV Kokoda Trek in 2024. I am 64 years old and served for 42.5 years in Victoria Police in variety of roles before retiring in 2018.

    I now work for the courts in a full-time capacity. I am in good health and have a positive attitude towards life. My family has a history of service to Australia, in particular, in the First World War and other conflicts since. One my relatives was a Coastwatcher in the Pacific theatre working closely with the indigenous people of New Guinea during that time.

    I would relish the opportunity to share my experiences with all participants and get their thoughts on the history behind this unique adventure and hopefully learn from them.

    I also take this time to thank Police Veterans Victoria (PVV) and their sponsors for offering this unique opportunity.

    Gary Stokie
    Inspector 20447 (Retired)

  18. What a great idea and opportunity for everyone! I am keen to explore the opportunity however the dates would be critical for me. Is there an anticipated travel date or month? Best wishes to everyone!

  19. Good afternoon,
    I would like to express interest in a sponsored position in PVV Kokoda Trek 2024.
    I am a fit and active 61-year-old and retired on 1 July this year after a 38-year policing career.
    Like so many others, I have had a long battle with complex PTSD which ultimately led to the end of my police service.
    Thankfully, I have received some very good EDMR therapy, and I am well on my way to a full recovery.
    I am happy that I have retained many positive memories from policing, and I have some happy and funny stories to share, mainly from my time as a dog handler and working at Dandenong.
    Some of my fondest memories are from my involvement in Operation Newstart and the Dandenong Police Youth Corp where I was involved in taking children hiking to Wilsons Promontory and The Grampians.
    I would be honored to take part in this trip to obtain a closer appreciation of what our WW2 hero’s went through.
    I would also be proud to show my children and grandchildren what an ‘old guy’ can achieve.
    Warmest regards,
    John MURRAY, Sergeant 24692 (Ret)

  20. Stuart Wright LSC 32873 Retired 47 years of age. I have long been wanting to complete the Kakoda Trek, I have not been able to raise the funds since been retired. Prior to the 19 years service in VICPOL I was in the Australian Army. I have studied much of the trail and it’s history and would love to be able to attend a trip like this. It would be an experience of a life time. I am married with three children.
    Thank you again for all of the marvellous work you guys do.
    Kind regards,
    Stuart Wright LSC 32873 retired

  21. Greetings PVV,
    I am 57 years old. Vicpol veteran 1991- 2008. Previous service with AFP and Royal Australian Air Force. Currently working in the Security sector and Airforce reserve. I have always desired/strived to participate in one of these Kokoda treks, but unfortunately have always missed out, so I will keep trying hence this post :). In my spare time I support numerous charities involved with PTSD and associated illnesses by riding with Military’s and Social motorcycle clubs to raise awareness and funds. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I may receive a positive response 🙂
    Kind regards

  22. I just retired last month, 13/10/2023 at the age of 64. After 43 years in the job, I needed to set my own goals & have my own opinions at last. I am often found hunting with a rifle & backpack chasing vermin, be that goats, foxes, rabbits & occasionally deer. I have had the idea of the Kokoda Track in my mind off & on since a friend walked it years ago. This is something I would love to have a try at & immerse in the history of such a well known place. I am yet to sign up for a replacement part time job so this will easily fit in with retirement & not only give me a life experience but something to share with the greater community.

  23. My name is Elizabeth Comte, née Healey. Both my late husband and myself were serving members. I resigned in 1992 as we wanted to start a family, I resigned as there wasn’t the option to go part time. I loved my job as a Det Senior Constable -forensic photographer. My husband Paul Comte was a serving member for 25yrs until his death in 2013 due to a brain tumour. He often spoke about the Kokoda trek and wanting to do it. Unfortunately his time ran out. I would love to be a part of this trek in memory of my husband.

  24. My name is Rick Harnwell and I resigned in 2001 after 24 years service, I went on to become a remedial massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. I am 63 years old and have maintained a high level of physical fitness. I would love to be able to do this trek so as to gain a better understanding of the bravery and sacrifice made by those soldiers who endured this trek under extreme duress. It would also hopefully give me a better understanding of a grandfather I hardly knew who suffered severe PTSD and alcoholism after serving with the armed forces.

  25. First and foremost, my desire to join the Kokoda Trek stems from a deep sense of respect and gratitude for the sacrifices made by police veterans in the line of duty. Their commitment to upholding justice and ensuring the safety of our communities has always been an inspiration to me. Participating in the Kokoda Trek, which holds historical significance in the annals of Australian military history, is my way of paying homage to the courage and resilience of those who have served.

    Moreover, I see this trek as a unique opportunity for personal growth and development whilst assisting others in the process by sharing my experiences and challenges and how to combat the same. The physical and mental challenges posed by the Kokoda Trail are not only a testament to the endurance of those who traversed it during World War II but also provide an ideal environment for self-reflection and growth. I am confident that facing and overcoming these challenges will not only strengthen my own character but also enhance my ability to confront and surmount obstacles in both my personal and professional life.

    Ex NTPOL & VICPOL member

  26. I wish to express my interest to participate in the PVV Kokoda Trek in 2024. I am John Ryan (Reg No 14606). I will be 80 on 16/02/2023. I was a member of Victoria Police for 36 years from 1963 to 1999 – the first 18 years in uniform, CIB and Training – the final 18 years as Sen Sgt O/C Prosecutions Division Office. After retirement I went to help an ex-member friend with a one month project at our local Council and stayed 14years.
    I am mildly Coeliac but otherwise maintain good health. I keep very active and maintain a reasonable level of fitness.
    My interest in Kokoda is 3 fold :- To commemorate those I knew in my earlier years who served at Kokoda and elsewhere. To experience the extremely positive influences and memories my daughter (ex Sen Const 26849) experienced there with a group of friends in 2009. To give reality to telling my granddaughters, aged 8 and 5, the story of the Australia/Japan relationship, from just before I was born until now, reinforcing that dialogue, tolerance, understanding and co-operation is better than hatred, fighting, death and destruction – because when that happens even the winners lose.

  27. I wish to express my interest in the PVV Kokoda Trek. I am a 58 year old Vic Pol veteran with 20+ years service before being Ill health retired in 2019. My grandfather served in New Guinea and I would like to honor his memory by completing the trek. During my 20 years service I was stationed at Melbourne City, The FRU, CIRT and Eildon (one up). I believe I would have many stories to share and would love to hear others. I really enjoyed hearing my late fathers stories from his time in the job and it is what made me want to join. Please consider me for this awesome opportunity.


    Stephen Major
    VP32000 (Retired)

  28. To be involved on such an iconic walk with historic and Personal ramifications for many Australians would be an honour. Originally from the UK, I have now lived in Australia for 34 years. I have travelled extensively around the country and been on big walks in Tasmania Victoria, Northern Territory and also in Nepal, Europe and North America. It has been remiss of me to not walk the Kokoda Track and it has been on my bucket list for years.

    To be able to walk this track, whilst also raising money and awareness of those who sacrificed themselves before us would be something I would cherish and be proud of.

    Whoever is lucky enough to be included on this walk I wish them good health and a safe journey.

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