Crown Resorts Partners with Police Veterans Victoria to Empower Police Veterans

11 October 2023 – Melbourne, Victoria: Crown Resorts is proud to announce a new and meaningful partnership with Police Veterans Victoria (PVV), a respected organisation representing the interests of police veterans in the community.

This collaboration is designed to provide valuable mentoring, genuine career opportunities, a hardship fund and specialised training to empower veterans who have concluded their service in the police force. It also includes a unique initiative with the aim to expand the program nationally, reaching over 100,000 veterans across the country.

As part of this collaboration, Crown Resorts will provide funding and resources to aid PVV’s various programs and activities that cater to the needs of police veterans and their families. This partnership is a reflection of Crown Resorts’ commitment to giving back to the community and recognising the sacrifices made by those who have served in law enforcement.

Focusing on the specific needs of veterans who have transitioned into civilian life, this partnership underscores Crown Resorts’ commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. The following initiatives will form the core of this collaboration:

1. Personalised Mentoring Programs: Crown Resorts and PVV will establish personalised mentoring programs to pair retired police veterans with mentors who understand the challenges of transitioning to civilian life. This mentorship will offer guidance and support as veterans embark on new endeavours.

2. Genuine Career Pathways: Crown Resorts is dedicated to offering authentic career opportunities within its diverse sectors to retired police veterans. This initiative not only enriches the Crown Resorts team but also provides fulfilling post-service career options for veterans.

3. Hardship Fund: A dedicated hardship fund will be established to provide financial assistance and support to police veterans and their families facing challenging circumstances. This fund exemplifies the commitment of Crown Resorts and PVV to stand by those who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding the community.

3. Specialised Training for Lifelong Success: To ensure lasting success, Crown Resorts will provide specialised training aligned with the career aspirations of retired police veterans. This training will empower veterans to excel in their chosen fields beyond their service.

David McGowan, PVV Chief Executive Officer, Mike Volkert, Crown Resorts Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson APM

Mike Volkert, Chief Executive Officer, Crown Melbourne, said: “Crown Melbourne is one of Australia’s most visited tourist destinations, so we appreciate the efforts of Victoria Police in keeping our community safe and see firsthand the immense dedication police work requires. We work very closely with Victoria Police and can attest to the tremendous job they do, as well as the unwavering support they extend to our security operation. Our partnership with Police Veterans Victoria recognises that support and is our way of giving back to the brave men and women that have served in the blue uniform. By offering personalised mentoring, genuine career opportunities, and specialised training, we aim to empower these veterans in their journey beyond the police force.”

David McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Police Veterans Victoria, said: “Our collaboration with Crown Resorts is an exceptional milestone and a significant step towards supporting retired police veterans. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to these veterans’ well-being and successful transition to civilian life. Through mentoring, career opportunities, and specialised training, we’re creating a platform for retired police veterans to continue thriving.”

This collaboration between Crown Resorts and Police Veterans Victoria highlights the transformative potential of partnerships that prioritise community well-being. By offering tangible assistance and resources, this initiative will undoubtedly pave the way for police veterans to thrive in their post-service lives. Crown Resorts has committed to expanding this program nationally, with the aim of reaching over 100,000 veterans across the country. With Crown’s dedicated support, it will begin in Victoria, extend to New South Wales, and then continue to other states, including Western Australia.

About Crown Resorts:
Crown Resorts is a renowned entertainment resort known for its commitment to excellence. In addition to its business endeavours, Crown Resorts actively engages in community partnerships to make a positive impact beyond its operations.

About Police Veterans Victoria:
Police Veterans Victoria (PVV) is an esteemed organisation that provides unwavering support to retired police veterans as they transition into civilian life. Through its programs and resources, PVV ensures that these veterans receive the assistance and recognition they deserve for their dedicated service.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Victoria Loughnan
Group Head of PR | Crown Resorts
P: 03 9292 5582 M: 0437 604 266

Carla Deale
Digital Communications and Marketing Manager | Police Veterans Victoria



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