Geelong Feather Dusters celebrate 25 years

They say “one day a rooster, the next day a feather duster”. In other words, you are past your prime and just fade away.
That’s not the case with these veterans who meet every month at the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel in Geelong for the Feather Dusters Lunch, and have been doing so for 25 years.
The monthly event is hosted by Greg and Sandra Moore who celebrated the milestone today with veterans from all over Victoria, including a busload visiting from Ballarat. Police Veterans Victoria Peer Support Officer, John Stubbs, was pleased to present a certificate of appreciation to Greg and Sandra for their outstanding work supporting Police Veterans for so long.
Greg is a retired Detective who worked in some of the most dangerous and difficult postings during his illustrious career and he understands the need to support retired Police during difficult times. When the organisers of the Feather Dusters lunch were looking for a venue all those years ago, Greg’s pub was the obvious choice.
This event is a great example of what can be done anywhere. It only takes a couple of people to get the ball rolling and these lunches could happen all over the country. It’s a great opportunity to mix with former colleagues and meet new people.
-Written by John Stubbs
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