PVV holds fourth AGM

Police Veterans Victoria today held its fourth Annual General Meeting chaired by Lindsey Hilliard, with reports from PVV’s past Chair and Chief Executive Officer detailed in the Annual Report.

In the report PVV’s past Chair, Mark Azzopardi, spoke to the “many developments and achievements” PVV has made over the last 12 months, and the increase in “meaningfulness for the veteran”. 

Lindsey Hilliard was elected Chair, Michael Hayes as Deputy Chair and Martin Ford as Treasurer. PVV also welcomed Dan Copsey to the Board.

In the 12 months to 30 June, PVV received 217 referrals from veterans and family members.

These referrals included recurrent themes of social isolation, trauma, family breakdown, and grief, which were referred from a variety of sources including Wellbeing Services, social media, other veterans and local police.

“We know there are many veterans with very complex needs out in the community who will benefit from the support PVV can provide them,” Mark said.

“Our challenge is how we can get to these veterans with our organisation’s support.” 

CEO David McGowan also spoke to the key changes PVV has made over the past year, as well as its successes.

PVV this year increased its membership base 20% to 4,780, responded to 217 veterans and family members seeking help, delivered 86 presentations across Victoria Police units and service clubs, launched ‘The Plodcast’ with over 6800 plays to date and launched ‘Blue Pages’ to provide members with further benefits. 

PVV currently has 56 trained Veteran Peer Support Officers (VPSO)’s. VPSOs are Victoria Police Veterans who provide support to other police veterans and their families who may be dealing with personal issues or are seeking someone to confide in.

“It is their compassionate guidance, understanding, and encouragement that has fostered a sense of camaraderie, allowing them to find solace and strength in a community that understands their unique experiences,” David said.

“From organizing workshops, training sessions, and social events to providing individual support and counselling, their unwavering commitment has transformed lives and provided hope where it may have been lacking.”

The report also detailed PVV’s improved financial position in the last 12 months.

“Our financial position is now more stable with a sustained revenue stream from payroll subscriptions from serving police and a notable increase in funds raised from our corporate events, allowing us to return a very small profit for the first time,” David said.

“I look forward to the coming year with encouragement and great optimism.”

Read the Annual Report here.

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  1. Dave, you and your crew are doing a magnificent job. You always were a man of high standards and I hold you in the highest regard. Keep up the good work.
    Phil Nicks

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