Honouring Our Veterans: A Heartwarming Reunion

Written by Phil Copsey, PVV Peer Support Officer (18379)

Meet Noel Collins, Retired First Constable 13256. After years away from the force, Noel’s family reached out to Police Veterans Victoria to reconnect him with his ‘blue family.’

Phil Copsey (left) and Noel Collins.

Having left the force decades ago with no contact since, it was a privilege to answer this call. I visited Noel at his retirement home in Wantirna and soon realized that he had never received the State or National medals he was entitled to.

Thanks to the incredible support of Police Veterans Victoria and a few months of anticipation, Noel was presented with his well-deserved Victoria Police Service medal on Thursday, September 28th, 2023, at Police headquarters. It was an unforgettable moment as Chief Commissioner Shane Patton handed him the prestigious award.

But that’s not all; PVV has also applied for Noel’s National Medal, set to be delivered next year, ensuring his legacy is rightfully acknowledged.

The joy on Noel’s family’s faces as he reconnected with the Force was truly heartwarming.

It’s a reminder that no member should ever be forgotten.

Intriguingly, Noel was the detective behind the police brief to the State Coroner in 1967 on the death of Prime Minister Harold Holt at Cheviot Beach in 1966—a piece of history that makes his recognition all the more special.

Thank you, Noel Collins, for your service, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our community.


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