Police Veterans Victoria announces significant Board changes

Police Veterans Victoria (PVV) has today announced significant changes to its Board of Directors after the resignation of the Chair.

Mark Azzopardi recently disclosed his decision to retire from the Board at the end of his term, and not to renominate for another term.

Mark joined the Board of PVV in February 2020, shortly following PVV’s establishment. Initially a Board member, Mark became Treasurer and then Chair, a role he filled for the last 18 months.

“Mark’s contributions to the development of our organisation cannot be underestimated and I am extremely grateful for his support and guidance,” PVV CEO David McGowan said.

“He leaves PVV in a strong position in terms of purpose and value and his legacy will be in our continued success.”

Assuming the role of Chairperson is Lindsey Hilliard, a 12-year veteran of Victoria Police and the Senior Manager of Corruption and Conduct Investigations at the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Lindsey brings to the role of Chairperson what CEO David McGowan describes as a “fresh insight and different perspective on PVV’s direction”.

“The organisation is fortunate to have someone of such integrity, commitment and passion to help lead us on our next steps,” he said.

Joining PVV’s Board is Dan Copsey, a current member of PVV’s Corporate Advisory Committee and the Group CEO of the JRJD Group. Dan is also the son of a Victoria Police veteran and active VPSO.

“Dan’s family connection to policing and his engagement with PVV makes him an excellent addition to the diversity of our Board,” David said.

PVV also announced the appointment of Michael Hayes as the new Deputy Chair, having joined the Board alongside Lindsey in 2022.

The PVV Board now comprises Lindsey Hilliard, Michael Hayes, Martin Ford, Michelle Birkic, Lisa Byrne, Dan Copsey, Dr Jon-Paul Cacioli, Ken Kour and John Felton.



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