PVV hosts second Corporate Lunch

And just like that, we’re another Corporate Lunch down. Another chance to show the world what we’re made of, what we’re fighting for, and where we’re headed.
We’d like to start off with a round of acknowledgements for those who made Friday everything it was.
We’d like to acknowledge the dedicated members of the PVV Board, our Corporate Advisory Committee, our veterans and our volunteers. We could’ve never gotten this far without you.
We say thankyou to Shane Bilsborough from Moving Mindz for his enthusiasm and energy, to Victoria Police, for their integral partnership with us, and to Ernesto Arriagada for his outstanding photography on the day (and just about every other day).
We’d like to thank Clive Scott from Sofitel for his wise counsel through our Corporate Advisory Committee and helping us to facilitate Friday’s event; Dan Copsey and his team at Other Birds for their outstanding agency service, Ian Cohen, our very animated MC for the day, and John Schumann and his partner Polly for their outstanding mid-lunch entertainment.
We’d like to shout out to Joe Galea for offering up his divisional van for the day for our guests to take a trip down memory lane. We’d also like to thank Harry Li for his outstanding auctioneering, raising much more than we anticipated.
Finally, we’d like to turn inwards for a moment and give thanks to our small team that keep the wheels turning; Dave, Bec, Carla, Anna and Jim. We may be small, but we sure are mighty.
We can’t wait to see what next year’s Corporate Lunch has in store for PVV. Here’s cheers to an outstanding day and a promising future on the horizon.
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