The Plodcast – Shannon Hood and Rebecca Lynch Part 3: Moral Injury.

The Plodcast Season 2: Episode 3 is live!
Episode 3 – Shannon Hood and Rebecca Lynch Part 3: Moral Injury.
This week Shannon and Bec are back for another mental health deep-dive, talking all things moral injury; what it is, who might be affected by it, and how we might overcome it. This week’s Plodcast is especially important to our veteran listeners because, as Bec and Shannon discover, moral injury often plagues those who choose to work in emergency service.
It was first described in military personnel who returned from deployment, having been involved in events that transgressed their deeply held moral beliefs or values. The impact of these experiences on individuals’ psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing was seen as being broader than the symptoms of PTSD or depression; something newer, more nuanced, and something worth talking about.
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