National Volunteer Week: acknowledging PVV’s volunteers

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering, from 15 – 21 May 2023.
PVV simply wouldn’t function without the help of our volunteers, who work tirelessly to contribute to the growth of our organisation and bring awareness to our cause.
Between our network of VPSO’s (Veteran Peer Support Officers), our Board and Corporate Committee, Speakers Bureau and volunteer staff, PVV relies on the hard work of our volunteers to keep our mission alive.
This week, we’d like to acknowledge and thank each and every PVV volunteer and shine a spotlight on a volunteer each day.

Dan Copsey

We’re starting off this week featuring Dan Copsey, a member of our Corporate Advisory Committee and one of PVV’s best resources.
Dan and his team at OtherBirds stepped in following last year’s Corporate Lunch with a simple question – how can we help?
With a connection to the police family himself, being the son of Phil Copsey (author of Blue Justice), Dan expressed his desire to help us in any way he and his team could – from podcasting, to graphic design, advertising, SEO, and just about anything we required.
Having collaborated with clients across Victoria and New South Wales, OtherBirds have since expanded their reach into New Zealand and the United States. These have included industries like retail, fashion, hospitality, engineering, construction, finance, waste management and many more. We’re thrilled to be under the wing of such an experienced agency.
Dan is a hard-working, consistent and passionate member of our Corporate Advisory Committee, constantly bringing new ideas and strategies to our team. He has a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing that we as an organisation are privileged to access.
From the team at PVV, we say thankyou to Dan and the team at OtherBirds.


Lisa Byrne

For the second day of National Volunteer Week, we’re today acknowledging Lisa Byrne. Lisa is an invaluable asset to PVV as a part of our Board, volunteering her time, resources and energy to the growth of PVV.
Lisa is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds an MBA (Executive) from The University of New South Wales, a Bachelor of Business – QLD University of Technology and holds a company director accreditation from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
She has a strong business and corporate governance background and was previously the Chair of Cycling Victoria.
Lisa’s dedication and expertise doesn’t go unnoticed at PVV as one of many important volunteers PVV calls on. We’d also like to take today to acknowledge Ernesto Arriagada, Lisa’s partner, who has come on board time after time to take great photos for PVV. There’s nothing this team can’t manage!

Mick Cummins

Happy Wednesday! For today’s feature volunteer, we’re shining the spotlight to Mick Cummins.
When Mick Cummins joined the police force in December 1976 at 19, he could have never imagined where it might take him; but he was determined to never stop learning.
His time with Victoria Police took him to all corners of the world – to Iraq, across parts of Europe, country NSW, and eventually led him to the Retired Peer Support Program. What Mick helped create would become the foundation of everything PVV is today, and we couldn’t be more thankful for him.
Mick volunteered his time to us as a Veteran Peer Support Officer, a concept he himself was instrumental in making a reality alongside Vicki Key, who were both founding members of PVV and active advocates. Mick was also an original Board member.
The PVV VPSO system (originally the Retired Peer Support Officer Program) couldn’t have been what it is today without Mick’s hard work, dedication and passion. After 9 years, Mick has decided to step down from the program and pass on the baton, leaving behind an incredible legacy. We wish Mick all the very best in his next steps.
Learn more about Mick’s story:

Peter Signorotto

We’re almost at the end of National Volunteer Week! For today’s volunteer shoutout, we’re featuring Peter Signorotto (also known as Siggy), a world-travelled police veteran and VPSO with a wanderlust and a heart of gold.
After a decorated policing career across Victoria, at many tough stations and CIB’s including the Armed Robbery Squad, Peter could have retired and sat back on a job well done – but it’s his life after the Police that has caught the interest of many. Having worked in Russia and many interesting places overseas in security, Peter jet-setted across the globe using his many talents.
Now a volunteer in peer support, Peter drives from Melbourne to Toolamba almost every week at his own expense to take his veteran peers to doctors appointments, even offering up his house for accomodation. He’s never claimed any expenses. The work of police veterans like Peter serves as an inspiring message to police state-wide and we are so grateful to have him as a VPSO and friend.

Jim Hilliard

Happy Friday! We’re rounding out a week of acknowledgements with a shoutout to PVV’s own Jim Hilliard. Jim has been with PVV from its humble beginnings and has been one of the most instrumental cogs in the wheel that keeps PVV turning.
From the start, we’ve relied on Jim for his expert knowledge in IT, web development and administration and have come to find over time that Jim knows just about everything about anything.  Jim is also a 12 year veteran of Victoria Police and is a qualified VPSO, spreading his time across providing support to other police veterans as well as PVV.
We’d especially like to acknowledge Jim’s incredible work across increasing payroll subscriptions to PVV, bolstering workplace giving from Victoria Police a massive 18% over a matter of weeks. ‘Impossible’ simply isn’t a word in Jim’s vocabulary and we’re reminded of that each and every day.
Interested in volunteering for PVV? Get in touch with us or check out our VPSO application page. 
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  1. Thank you to the unpaid hero’s who help make this happen. It’s so comforting knowing that you are there when and if we need you.

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