Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass

A contingent of serving and veteran police travelled to Thailand to attend the dawn service at Hellfire Pass as part of the ANZAC Day remembrance service.
This was part of an inaugural trip to join up with veterans now living in Thailand. The trip was organised by Murray King who spends his time between Phuket and regional Victoria.
Murray is an active volunteer with PVV and was keen to establish an organised presence in SE Asia where a number of veterans now live.
16 members gathered at Hellfire Pass to pay our respects during a solemn event.
Pictured is Murray King, Rod Porter, David Mcgowan, Bec Lynch, John Stubbs, Gil King, Allan Borg, Neale Fursdon, Tom Kelleher, Dale Healy, Paul Henry, Ilona Marshall, Doug Foskett, Phil Pearson, Danny Stewart and Rod Brewer.
The team attended a dinner with the Thai-Australia Chamber of Commerce on Anzac Day Eve.
“This sort of event is really important in terms of building connections with veterans and this pilot has shown how successful it can be – we’ll definitely be back next year with a much bigger contingent and hope to make it an annual event,” Murray said.
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