Meet the Team

You’ve certainly seen and heard from the PVV team, but do you know who makes up our staff? PVV is made up of a small team of paid staff and dedicated volunteers who all make what we do possible. So, who is PVV? 


David McGowan

CEO & Company Secretary

David has extensive experience in policing and the corporate sector having held senior management positions in risk and compliance across the Banking & Finance sector. David is also a police veteran with >21 years service. He joined PVV as a volunteer in 2020 but quickly progressed to become CEO & Company Secretary in late 2020. 


Rebecca Lynch

Social Worker

Rebecca has worked in front line mental health settings for nearly 17 years. She commenced with Victoria Police in the Police Psychology Unit in 2017 and transferred to Police Veterans Victoria in March 2020. 


Carla Deale

Digital Communications & Marketing Manager

Carla is PVV’s resident wordsmith and Marketing & Communications Manager, with a background in Journalism and Professional Writing and Editing. She is award-nominated in Journalism and published across multiple media and literary journals. Carla also has tertiary experience in Counselling.


Jim Hilliard

Project Officer 

Jim is a 12 year veteran of Victoria Police and is an active VPSO. Jim provides administrative and website development assistance to PVV.


Anna Black

Finance Manager

Anna is an experienced and knowledgeable Finance Manager and accountant that has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for the last 20 years. After a brief break to start a family, Anna returned to part-time finance roles for numerous charity organisations. 


Andrew Atkinson 

Get Social Coordinator (volunteer)

Andrew joined Victoria Police in 1991, graduating in August of that year. After 9 years in general duties, Andrew found his niche in technical surveillance. He spent 16 of his 28 year career working at the Technical Surveillance Unit. Retiring due to Ill health in 2018, Andrew now assists PVV with its social activities and is an active VPSO. 


Bob Marmion 

Speakers Bureau Coordinator (volunteer) 

Bob was a member of the Victoria Police for fifteen years serving in both uniform and the Criminal Investigation Branch as a Detective. Bob is now a published author and assists PVV as an active VPSO and coordinator of our Speaker’s Bureau. 


Kevin Halsted 

Speakers Bureau Coordinator (volunteer)

Kevin is a veteran Homicide Detective who now assists PVV in a volunteer capacity through his work with the Speakers Bureau in a shared management role with Bob.


L to R: Carla Deale, Jim Hilliard, David McGowan, Rebecca Lynch


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  1. Keep up the good work. As a former member – who moved on many years ago – I’ve become very aware of the support that retired workers in many fields of service sometime need.

    I’ve forwarded a little background on my work life to you and happy to assist past or current members. Bernie (18765)

    Look forward to meeting a few of you in Geelong soon.

  2. Great work PVV, leading the way as the first Police Veterans organisation of this type in the country. Looking forward to the concept adoption around the country, and in the future the allocation of a federal minister & police veteran portfolio similar to that of the ADF.
    Police, past and present, deserve the assistance and respect for the work they undertake, and the efforts we are seeing from the PVV is very much appreciated in this space.
    Though coming from NSWP and a Federal Policing background, I spent many months working on crooks in Victoria and was a member of the CT response with the SOG for the Commonwealth Games, and as such I will always hold my experiences with Vicpol as great memories with exceptional people.
    Stay safe and enjoy Easter, see you at the Corporate function in June!

  3. As the daughter of a wonderful father who served for 36 years I am so glad to know you are there. Dad has been gone for many years but I remember when he suffered a complete breakdown and how my mother and myself and brother tried to help him. There was no support from the force and we found an amazing doctor who helped Dad. There were many hardships for our family and even now I remember events of my childhood I wish I could forget. Look after the amazing members and save them from the suffering my Dad and Mum experienced. If I can help in any way please get in touch. Sincerely Judy

  4. Hi David, thanks for your assistance and due to the great work by Tony LYle at Lakes I have had contact with both the fellows and we are planning a catch-up soon Thanks again for your help Brian G

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