A good news story for one of our members

Bill Alyward sat down at the Tradie Kaf cafe in Koo wee Rup to enjoy a nice meal and a coffee, only to then leave his wallet at the venue and not realise for some time.

Luckily for Bill, he was carrying his PVV membership card, which led Nicole from Tradife Kaf to end up tracking him down through us.

Flowers in hand, Bill came back to thank Nicole for her quick thinking and her act of kindness.

Tradie Kaf opened up in November, serving barista coffee, breakfast and lunch from 5 am each morning. If you find yourself in Koo Wee Rup, head down to Tradie Kaf – they’ll be sure to look after you. Bill’s story reminded us that there are some very good people out in the world – and the PVV community is full of them.

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