CEO David McGowan on 3AW

The future of a volunteer organisation helping police going through a tough time is “on the line” after the Andrews government backtracked on a promise to provide funding.

Speaking at a corporate charity lunch in May, former police minister Lisa Neville “gave a very strong commitment” to support Police Veterans Victoria.

“We didn’t actually put a $400,000 figure on it,” chief executive of Police Veterans Victoria, David McGowan, told Neil Mitchell.

“That was a conversation I had with Anthony Carbines when he became Police Minister.

“He just said to me ‘Can you put through a formal request and put a figure on it?’.”

But Mr McGowan has now received a letter from the Police Minister’s office “saying that there’s money going towards serving and veteran police through various programs but there was nothing coming to us”.

He says Police Veterans Victoria’s future is “absolutely on the line”.

Press PLAY below to hear the Police Veterans Victoria CEO telling Neil Mitchell what’s unfolded

3AW Mornings has invited Police Minister Anthony Carbines to speak on the program, but has not yet received a response.

Victoria Police has declined to comment.

The state opposition has pledged to provide the funding if elected later this month.

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  1. Unfortunately, the back flip is not a great surprise, neither is the opposition promise as we approach another election. However, like many pre election promises, as made by all political parties, these are likely to be empty and purely about getting votes.
    Having made the point, I ask every police veteran to remember, these decisions and non-obligatory promises are not personal and no reflection on your extremely valuable contribution to the Victorian community, it’s just politics. My recommendation to pvv is to look elsewhere for promises of financial support as political parties tend to enjoy being big in power and control and small in accountability and responsibility.

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