Liberals & Nationals pledge financial support for Police Veterans Victoria

‘Giving police officers a healthier life after the job 


Victoria Police veterans will be supported to lead a healthier life after they leave the force, under a new commitment announced today by the Victorian Liberals and Nationals.


Speaking at the annual Police Association Victoria Delegates Conference today, Shadow Minister for Police, Brad Battin, announced an elected Liberals and Nationals Government will allocate $400,000 per year to extend the work of Police Veterans Victoria (PVV), ensuring Victoria Police veterans continue to have a well-resourced scheme to service their needs well after they have left the force.


PVV is a not-for-profit organisation providing welfare to Victoria Police veterans and their families, primarily through a network of volunteers known as Veteran Peer Officers (VPSOs). These services are delivered in partnership with Victoria Police, including the provision of full-time clinical support. Through a range of initiatives, PVV:

•  Respond to requests for support from Police and PSO veterans and their families across Victoria and other states;

•  Advocate for the wellbeing of police and PSO veterans;

•  Raise awareness of issues impacting police veterans; and

•  Develop support programs to help keep veterans and their families fit, happy and healthy.


In the past 12 months alone, PVV have supported more than 280 veterans and family members for a range of issues including PTSD, depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse, suicidal ideation, relationship issues, death, financial hardship, family violence, physical health concerns and support at court.


Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria Police veterans was a priority of the Liberals and Nationals.


“Victoria Police members make so many sacrifices, all in the name of serving and protecting ordinary Victorians. It is only right that, when they leave the force, they are appropriately supported.”


“Our commitment is a real solution to ensure every former member of Victoria Police has access to ongoing care and support once they retire.”


Shadow Minister for Police, Brad Battin, said lifelong support should be an essential component of mental health services made available to police veterans.


“As a proud former Victoria Police officer, I know all too well that policing is a unique occupation. Personnel are exposed to cumulative trauma that makes them susceptible to poor mental health outcomes.”


“Having an organisation like PVV to fill the void is an important proactive step forward in to ensure members are well beyond their service.’

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  1. After 28.5 years on the job my wife Rebecca has been made ill health retired due to severe PTSD and all of the associated Mental Health problems. Her final termination date was 11/08/2022 and since then she has been dropped like a hot Potatoe from Vic Pol. Her pension was supposed to commence 12/08/22 and we still have not received anything. All relevant forms had been submitted and approved and all proforma replies had been received. I have phoned every known Vic Pol department and keep getting told they are not responsible. Surely it should be somebody’s job to oversee this transition. It frustrates me to see so many organizations, big bosses at press releases and face book pop ups about the importance of Mental Health particularly for retired Police members when I believe that it is all smoke and mirrors. Rebecca is suffering immensely and is probably going to be re admitted to the Psych Hospital shortly. My sons are struggling, and I somehow just keep going. I have no agenda for this rant other than nobody else is able to help and I think you should be aware of our story.
    Scott Mitchell

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