MEDIA RELEASE: PVV acknowledges National Police Remembrance Day

Police Veterans Victoria will acknowledge National Police Remembrance Day on 29 September in remembering fallen Victoria Police members. 

Originally set to join the National Police Remembrance Day service with its own banner, PVV will now only follow the service due to COVID restrictions.  

PVV was established in 2019 with a primary purpose to support Victoria Police veterans and their families. 

National Police Remembrance Day is widely known as a day to honour the men and women who have died serving their community. 

PVV says their aim is to “not only honour the fallen, but the falling”. 

“Today we stand proud and united with all members, veterans and their families in remembering the fallen – those who made the ultimate sacrifice by putting themselves in harm’s way, to protect the community that we are all a part of,” PVV CEO David Mcgowan says.

“While today is about remembering the fallen, we should also spare a thought for the falling – those serving members and veterans who paid a heavy personal toll that can come from the experiences and trauma of a job like no other. 

“We’re here for them too.”

With current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions limiting the ability for people to gather in person, this year’s National Police Remembrance Day service will be held online through the Victoria Police Youtube page. 

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