Remembering Senior Constable Maurice Moore

Today, we acknowledge and honour the anniversary of Senior Constable Maurice Moore’s death. 

At approximately 2.15 am on Saturday, 27th September, 1986 Senior Constable Maurice Moore, was alone in a police vehicle in Brougham Street, Maryborough, when he intercepted a vehicle being pushed along the street, by two men. 

One man decamped prior to Senior Constable Moore’s arrival.

Moore detained the other man, and commenced to make inquiries over the police radio as to the ownership of the intercepted vehicle. 

Prior to a reply being received, the detained man overpowered Moore, and took possession of his .38 police issue revolver. He then shot Moore in the face and four times in the back.

The man who killed Senior Constable Moore was later convicted at the Ballarat Supreme Court of his murder, and sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

His service to the community was honoured in 2016, when the ‘Maurice Moore Urgent Care Centre’ at the Maryborough Hospital was officially unveiled. 

Maurice was a young man with a beautiful family, taken too soon serving and protecting his community. 

PVV extends its deepest condolences to Maurice’s family on this day.

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