Blue Justice and Calibre of Justice: Phil Copsey

A real police procedural, written by a real police officer. Read his synopsis below.

“Blue Justice is  an Australian crime novel with a difference: this is cops on the beat. This is a book about real policing. There are no tortured detectives puzzling over motive or building a case on fragments of lucky finds of evidence. There are no glamorous pathologists offering connections between unrelated cases and solving crime in their spare time. Forget the bizarre clues, the mastermind criminals. This is blood-on-the-floor police work.

Sergeant Tony Signorotto has good friends, plenty of enemies, and the sort of family connections that just might get him killed. An old-school cop in a rapidly changing world he may be, but even fashionable Carlton still has a few old-fashioned problems to sort out, and Tony Signorotto is just the man to have on hand to solve them.

Blue Justice is a confronting novel. It places its main character in the middle of the hard choices all police officers face: how to do a difficult job without the time, resources, or support to do it. And how to stay sane while you’re doing it.

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The Calibre of Justice by Phil Copsey

The Government is strengthening the police force. It might be just what the criminal world is waiting for…

The second book in the Tony Signorotto series sees the hard bitten Senior Sergeant now in charge of his beloved Carlton Police Station and trying to adjust to the responsibilities and frustrations of a new, managerial role. Tony’s natural inclination is to be leading from the front, not from behind a desk.

When rumours begin to circulate of a possible raid on one of the gun shops of Carlton, Tony leads his young crew in assessing intelligence and trying to second guess the likely scene of the crime and the method of attack. As they delve deeper into the dark world of the Melbourne underworld, they realise to their horror that what is planned is far more dangerous, far more audacious than a mere suburban hold up.

Phil Copsey creates a vivid picture of modern policing and a terrifying portrait of a criminal underworld where ambition, greed, cunning, and violence rule, and shows in unflinching detail what happens to those caught up in it.

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About the author

Phil Copsey served with Victoria State Police Force, Australia, for forty years. His hard-earned experience fighting crime on the streets of multicultural Melbourne inspired him to write his debut novel, Blue Justice. His depictions of characters and crimes are infused with authentic operational details, told through the eyes of the hard-as-nails cop, Sergeant Tony Signorotto. His second novel, The Calibre of Justice, continues the story of Tony and his young crew of Blue as they confront a dangerous and brazen attempt to flood the streets with illegal firearms.

Phil is a natural storyteller who returned to study towards the end of his police career to begin his Tony Signorotto crime series.”

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