Vintage Bike Auction

Ennio Valsorda is a passionate restorer of vintage bicycles (CescoCycles). He is also a very good friend of veteran Detective Mario Marcucci. 

Mario, on reading the story of a veteran policeman who had his bicycle stolen, reached out to Ennio and asked if he could offer his support to Police Veterans Victoria by donating a restored vintage bicycle. 

As a result of this request Ennio told Mario he would donate two bicycles to this worthy cause in supporting the Police Veterans. 

Ennio started restoring vintage bicycles in memory of his brother Francesco Valsorda (dec) and can be seen in the quality of the restoration in these two beautiful vintage bicycles. 

These beautiful bicycles will now be auctioned on the Police Veterans Victoria website. If you’d like to show your support for PVV and treat yourself to a fantastic vintage item at the same time.

 We will be running a silent auction for ten days from today. 

 We’d like to thank Ennio Valsorda for his generous donation and Mario Marcucci for helping make this all happen.”



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