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In the line of duty, our police and protective services officers put their lives on the line for us every day. What often comes as a result is close to a lifetime of mental health issues; usually not evident until after their service is finished.

Police Veterans Victoria aims to change that. Police Veterans Victoria aims to ensure police veterans are recognised and supported in the same way as Defence veterans, noting that police veterans are, in a way, fighting in their own war to protect the community and make Victoria a safer place.

Veterans facing a change in career and a new identity can be as young as in their 30’s; and one horrific day at work can be career ending. It could happen three months after leaving the academy, or thirty years.


The PVV Kokoda Trek

PVV's Next Step
The PVV Kokoda Trek coming this August will be the opportunity of a lifetime for PVV's everyday heroes. The trek is a brand-new, joint venture brought to you by PVV, Kokoda Courage and ESPA and will prove to be the ultimate test of character and strength through a challenging 96-kilometre journey.
Our trekkers will trek through the rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea, putting their physical and mental abilities to the test whilst also honouring the sacrifices of those who fought in World War II.
The PVV Kokoda Trek is PVV's next step, with an ambitious 96K for 96K fundraising goal that will help to maintain and improve essential support services and our dedicated resources focused entirely on the police veteran community. Donations towards the trek can be made either through the direct sponsorship of the trekker of your choice, or to the trek as a whole. 

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National Police Veterans Support

The issues our veterans face is not limited to Victoria. Service affects members from every law enforcement body across the country. Our goal is for the Police Veterans model to be setup in every state and be governed by a national Police Veterans body. Every member who has worked at least one day in the service should be entitled to support post their service. We will continue to lobby the Federal and State government to recognise Police Veterans in the same way our Defence Veterans are recognised and taken care of.

  • Kevin Scott APM
    Congratulations on a comprehensive insight into developments with PVV. It is impressive to say the least. It certainly extends the Blue Community in a way that I previously thought was not possible.
    Kevin Scott APM
    Retired Assistant Commissioner
  • Veteran
    "Heartwarming to see ex members who are suffering alone are being discovered and helped…well done all...I have been out 21yrs and still miss the camaraderie I experienced in the job for 23yrs but am one of the lucky ones, having a very understanding wife and ex job friends."
  • Veteran
    "There is so much value in a phone call, a text message, a positive thought. Bec has done all of those things. I suspect that Bec does those things not just because that’s her job but because that’s the type of person she is."
  • Veteran
    "Just a quick email to thank Police Veterans Victoria for helping me recently. I am a police veteran and have been struggling with undiagnosed PTSD for years. If I look back now, PTSD has broken up my marriage, spilt me from my children and driven me to bankruptcy twice."
  • Social Worker
    "The difference this program has and continues to make in people’s lives is immeasurable. Such a credit to all of you there. Bec, your personality combined with your clinical skills is such a rare treasure. You should all be very proud! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us."
    Social Worker
  • Program Co-ordinator
    “We allocated a Veteran Peer Support Officer to look after him…. sometimes it’s the small things that count just as much.”.
    Program Co-ordinator
  • Veteran
    “You have no idea what this call has meant to me. My wife has been too scared to leave me alone since Wednesday’s tragedy. She has however seen a shift in me since talking to you and only now feels safe enough to leave me alone in the house to go down to get some groceries.”
  • Veteran
    “Thankyou for supporting all of us who have served and who somewhere along our individual journeys lost a little piece of us. I often feel that I am in a well and is so very, very deep - I will never hit the bottom but the climb out is so difficult.”
  • Veteran
    "Thankyou from the bottom of my heart…saved me - still a very long road back but this is the first time I have had help for 20 years. Have done it alone, not even family know."